Surrogacy allows women to help other individuals and couples bring their children into the world, and can be a very rewarding process

Earn between $50,000 to $90,000 in compensation!

Becoming a surrogate is a serious, selfless commitment. We believe that the care and compensation should reflect that.

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Surrogate Compensation like No Other

At our fertility agency, we take pride in offering an exceptional compensation package that surpasses all expectations within the surrogacy community.

Being a surrogate allows you to give the ultimate gift

By joining us, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to assist intended parents in expanding their families, while also receiving exceptional care and personalized attention throughout the entire process.

We'll be there, supporting you all the way

As you choose to embark on the incredible journey of becoming a surrogate and carrying someone else's baby, we want to assure you that our surrogate agency is fully committed to being there for you every step of the way. From the beginning to the end of your surrogacy journey, we will provide dedicated support and care, ensuring that you feel nurtured and valued throughout this life-giving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

arrow_drop_down What makes First Step Fertility the ideal choice for my surrogacy journey? At out agency, we take pride in providing the most extensive compensation and benefits package compared to any other agency. We understand that surrogate compensation can vary based on factors such as insurance, state of residence, and previous surrogacy experience. That's why we go the extra mile to collaborate with each woman individually, tailoring her benefits to align perfectly with her unique surrogacy journey and personal requirements.
arrow_drop_down Why should I choose working with an agency versus going independent? At First Step Fertility, we firmly believe that partnering with an agency offers significant advantages, as we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your entire surrogacy journey. Our experienced team takes care of every aspect of the process, from meticulous matching and thorough screening to handling all legal work and offering social work support. By entrusting us with these responsibilities, we can effectively navigate any challenges that may arise, allowing you to focus on your pregnancy and fostering a meaningful relationship with your intended parents.
arrow_drop_down Is it necessary to pump breastmilk for the baby? While it is not mandatory for surrogates to pump and ship breastmilk to intended parents, it is worth noting that some surrogates do opt for this option. The decision regarding breastmilk is a collaborative one, with open discussions held between the intended parents and the gestational carrier to determine the best course of action.
arrow_drop_down Is it possible to become a surrogate if you are serving in the U.S. military? Given that surrogacy regulations differ among branches of the U.S. military, it is crucial to verify the specific guidelines applicable to your branch before initiating the surrogacy screening process. If you are a military spouse and interested in embarking on a surrogacy journey, we warmly encourage you to submit an application and explore the possibilities.
arrow_drop_down If I have undergone a tubal ligation procedure, can I still pursue surrogacy? Certainly! Undergoing a tubal ligation procedure does not hinder your ability to become a surrogate mother, as the surrogacy process does not involve using your own eggs.
arrow_drop_down Is it possible for women who have already experienced menopause to become surrogates? Women who are 44 years old or above generally do not meet the eligibility criteria to become surrogates with First Step Fertility or other surrogacy programs.
arrow_drop_down What is the reason for the requirement of having already had children to become a surrogate? First Step Fertility upholds the ethical standards set by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), an organization that promotes the practice and advancement of reproductive medicine while ensuring ethical practices. To meet ASRM requirements, including the highest standards of care, First Step Fertility follows the guideline that a woman must have had a successful term pregnancy prior to qualifying as a surrogate. This criterion is in place to prioritize the safety and well-being of both surrogates and intended parents throughout the surrogacy journey.

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